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Social media are now part of many people's daily lives. They occupy an important place in the lives of young people and adults who use them to get information, to socialize, but also to have fun. There are now many social networks and they are mainly distinguished by their functioning, their purpose and the profile of their users. With the multitude of content sharing platforms that exist, only a handful of them actually allow creators to earn money.

This is the case of the social content sharing network called OnlyFans, which offers an exclusive subscription service for its users. Since its creation, this subscription site has taken the digital world by storm and is increasingly popular around the world. To allow you to take advantage of the benefits of this social network, Only Fans Creator proposes to help you with your subscription. This service allows you to quickly get your OnlyFans account and you can start creating content to earn money.

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What is OnlyFans?


OnlyFans is above all a social network like any other. Everyone, famous and ordinary people, can join it, and it allows to share content (photos and videos). However, OnlyFans has its own unique features that make it a rather special social network. Launched in the UK in 2016 by Fenix International Limited (FIL), OnlyFans is a site that offers content creators the opportunity to monetize their influence. In other words, this platform allows you to offer your followers content as a paid or free subscription.

As a model, you can post photos on the site or broadcast educational or entertaining videos. You even have the option of offering your followers a live chat with you for free or for a fee. Your fans can give you tips (tips) if they like your content. Originally, OnlyFans was created as a way for singers, musicians and other performers to offer their followers video clips for a monthly subscription fee. It only had a few hundred thousand subscribers in its early days.

With the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and the subsequent lockdowns, the site has become very successful. It now has more than just the pop culture reputation it had in its early days. OnlyFans now has many creators who offer their subscribers advice in different areas. There is no censoring content on OnlyFans. There is also an age limit to register on the site. According to the policy of the social network, it is imperative to be at least 18 years old to register on the site.




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20 %


In 24 hours, by bank transfer, twice a week

How does the OnlyFans social network work?

The OnlyFans social network for sharing content is based on a simple business model. Models create accounts on which fans subscribe to access exclusive photos and videos posted by them and send them a private message. Unlike other content sharing networks, OnlyFans is paid. Followers have to show their card to subscribe to the account of their favorite stars or models.

Subscribing to an account on OnlyFans costs between $4.99 and $49.99 per month. Subscribers must provide their credit card number when registering. Even in order to access the content published for free, followers must have registered a payment method beforehand. You can cancel your subscription at any time. The How OnlyFans works is quite simple. There are five main pages.


The homepage is the part of the site where you can see your feed. You can see a content stream broadcast by the people you follow, as well as your close friends. You can also find suggestions for others to follow OnlyFans. A search bar at the top of the homepage allows you to find other content creators to follow.


This is the place to go to check your notifications. From the "Notifications" pageYou can see past interactions with other users. You can also view activated subscriptions and liked posts. This page also displays tips given by fans and advice you have sent.


OnlyFans allows you to exchange messages between users of the platform. The Cats" page of the site is created to facilitate exchanges between users by making it easy to send direct messages to their contact. For models who create content, they can simply go to this part of the site to start sending direct messages to their fans.


Want to start sharing content on the social network? As a template, you can compose a new post from the "Create" page of OnlyFans and share it with your subscribers. You can even launch polls or add media from this page.


The Menu" page is displayed on the right and you can see various information about your account. This includes your :

  • display name (the one you have chosen to display),
  • username,
  • number of followers and fans.

This page also allows you to access your profile. You can activate a dark mode and also have access to lists, settings, bank information, bookmarks and maps from the menu. It is also possible to disconnect from the social network through the menu.

Who is the OnlyFans network for?

The OnlyFans social network is available to anyone who can create content or wants to receive exclusive videos or photos. Many celebrities and influencers use OnlyFans to promote and generate their content. The social network is not domain specific. There are content creators who offer their expert advice in areas such as :

  • fashion,
  • photography,
  • modeling,
  • fitness,
  • music,
  • marketing,
  • video games,
  • travel,
  • the recipes of cooking,
  • humor videos,
  • cosplay...

For example, big names in American music have opened an OnlyFans account. This allows them to connect with their fans to better communicate and promote their music at the same time. Cardi B is among the celebrities who recently opened an OnlyFans account to offer exclusive content to her followers. Fat Joe and DJ Khaled, two heavyweights of Hip Hop, also got together to create a common account on the famous content sharing platform. Their goal is to spread encouraging messages to their fans through their account. They share inspirational messages that motivate, uplift and encourage.

American artist The-Dream has also created a free OnlyFans account to better connect with his fans and encourage them to create and post their own choreography to his latest songs. On Only Fans, you can also find reality TV stars (Blac Chyna, Farrah Abraham, Chad Johnson), movie actors and actresses, bloggers and youtubers. Ordinary people (who are not famous) can also use OnlyFans to create and share content and generate additional revenue. They can make their onlyfan page anonymous by opting for a secret username and avoiding uploading photos of themselves. As a content creatorYou too can access this growing social network.

What are the advantages of creating an OnlyFans account?

OnlyFans has several advantages for its users. It is, indeed, an excellent way to create and share your content on a social network. The goal can be to make yourself more known in your field or just to earn money. Creating an onlyfan account is also a good way to connect to your fanbase and get closer to them. Moreover, having an OnlyFans account allows you to interact with your fans and followers in a more authentic way.

The principle of personalized chats and subscription allows models to create an intimate relationship with their followers and keep a certain closeness with them. By posting valuable content on your account on a regular basis, you will be able to grow your audience, engage and retain your fans. With your OnlyFans account, you can earn money just by doing what you are passionate about. Thanks to the monthly subscription and the tips your subscribers pay you, you will succeed in monetizing your content.

The different types of content found on OnlyFans

On OnlyFans, you can find different types of content. We distinguish 4 main forms of content on this social network:

  • photos,
  • recorded or streaming videos,
  • direct messages,
  • status updates.

Like on most social networks, videos and photos are the most popular content on OnlyFans. Fans regularly pay models to get exclusive photos and videos. As for status updates, they work much like posts on the social network Facebook. As a content creator, you'll just have to type in your message and post it to your account to engage your followers.

How to join OnlyFans as a content creator?

To become content creator on OnlyFansYou must create your own account. Although there is a fee for using the site, creating an account on onlyfan is completely free and the process is also secure. When you open your account, you will need to enter your email address, your first name and a password. Once the account is created, you will have to set it up. To do this, the site will redirect you to the page where you will have access to your account settings. From there, you will be able to modify certain data such as the email address and the username.

You will need to complete your profile by adding the nickname and photo you want to be displayed. You will also have to check the account security settingsYou can create your own account, set a subscription rate and add several other information. You can create your OnlyFans account from scratch, just as it is possible for you to register on the site with your Twitter or Google account. This second option is the one to prefer if you already have a fairly large number of fans and significant engagement on your other social networks.

Only Fans Creator accompanies you and guides you for your registration on this content sharing platform. You can go through this site to register on this atypical social network and start monetizing your content. By going through Only Fans Creator to register on this site, you not only make your task easier, but you also save a lot of time. You also have the assurance to get a well configured account.

How to make money with OnlyFans?

To start generating income on the content sharing siteYou will need to add their payment information to their account. You will then need to approve your account and set a price for the subscriptions.

Adding payment information and account verification

Adding this information is done from the menu on the subscription site. Once on the page, you will need to select "Add Bank" to enter your information. You will then need to verify your account. To do this, the site will ask you to provide your personal information (name, date of birth, address, ID such as driver's license or passport).

Set the price of the subscription

If you have decided that your account must be paid, you must define the amount that followers must pay for the subscription. Each content creator is free to set a price for their subscriptions. To set this price, you must go to the menu and select "Profile". Then click on "Edit Profile" and look for the option "Subscription Prices and Bundles". You will then be able to set the rate you want to pay per month. Before you can set the monthly subscription price or receive tips, you must add your bank account or payment information.

How much money can you really earn on OnlyFans?

Once you have created your OnlyFans account and it is properly configured, you can start posting content on your account and generate income. There is no fixed amount you can earn on the social network.

How much can a content creator earn on OnlyFans?

The amount you can earn on this site depends on several factors, the first of which is the number of followers you have. The more followers you have that are willing to pay for your content, the more you can earn on the platform. Another very important factor is the rate you charge per subscription. For example, some models charge 14.99 $ per month, while others set the monthly subscription price at 50 $ and even more.

As long as you publish valuable content and your subscribers like what you're sharing, they'll have no problem pulling out their credit cards. While fans won't hesitate to spend money to get exclusive, quality content that they won't find anywhere else, it's still a good idea to set a reasonable subscription price. You need to make sure that your subscribers are able to pay the price you set for subscriptions and that they won't mind paying that much.

In addition to the monthly subscription fees, you can make money on OnlyFans through tips from subscribers who like your content. You can also sell custom content to earn more money on this social network. Pay Per View (PPV) posts allow you to earn a certain amount on Only Fans. This is a locked content that can only be seen by the fan you sent it to if they pay the pre-defined fee.

Average earnings and highest earnings on OnlyFans

It is estimated that the average content creator on OnlyFans who puts in minimal effort has a monthly income of approximately 180 $. The average creator just takes a few pictures a week and spreads them without bothering to publicize his OnlyFans account or plan his approach. Other creators earn huge amounts of money on this site. For example, on the celebrity side, Bella Thorne earned $1 million in one day. Rapper Bhad Bhabie broke that record by earning the same amount in 6 hours. With a monthly subscription charged at 20 $, hip-hop artist Tyga earns about $7.7 million per month.

How are the payments made on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans takes a commission of 20 % on all subscriptions in the account and pays the remaining 80 % of the revenue to the model. On this platform, you as a model have the option to bill monthly, weekly or annually. Payments are, however, only possible after the content creator has accumulated 20 $. Until this minimum amount is reached, it is impossible to withdraw money from the site. Payments are made to onlyfan by direct transfer to a credit card. This is the most common method, but also the cheapest.

It is also possible to access an international transfer. To withdraw in this case, the content creator must reach a minimum of 200 $. The online wallets Skrill and Paxum are also interesting alternatives to take possession of your winnings obtained at OnlyFans.

The site does not accept not all payment methods. Models cannot use PayPal to withdraw money from the site. Similarly, you cannot receive payments in Bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies on OnlyFans. Mobile wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay are also not accepted on the platform.

To be accompanied during your registration to the social network, go through Only Fans Creator. The platform allows you to register and accompanies you during your first steps on the platform.

Does OnlyFans implement security measures?

OnlyFans has implemented a brand new account verification process in 2019. Now, to prove their identity when signing up, a content creator must provide a selfie with the ID embedded in the image. OnlyFans told the BBC that it is constantly reviewing its systems to ensure that they are robust enough. In the event that someone under the age of 18 tries to illegitimately gain access to the platform, the social network also states that immediate action is taken. This allows for the investigation and suspension of the account if necessary.

Some examples have shown that minors use other people's IDs to create accounts and manage to bypass the platform's security system. To prevent this, the Only Fans site now asks its users to pose next to their ID card. They must then submit a photo in which they hold the ID card in front of their face. There are also other ways to strengthen the security of your OnlyFans account and effectively protect your content.

You can use a private email address to open an account. Private email addresses are encrypted and do not require you to provide any personal information during account opening. The OnlyFans platform also offers advanced security options such as authentication via a temporary password or SMS. By using these systems, it will be almost impossible to steal your account, even if the malicious individual has your password and your login details.

Start your adventure as a model on the famous platform by signing up now. Entrust your registration to Only Fans Creator and get a fully configured OnlyFans account that allows you to earn money quickly.

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