Onlyfans: How to get started on the platform

Founded and launched in 2016 in the UK, OnlyFans is an online content sharing platform and app. The social network, which has become popular during times of confinement, is aimed at influencers, supermodels and others who create content. OnlyFans allows them to monetize their content and generate additional revenue at the end of the month. Only Fans Creator explains how to take your first steps on the popular subscription platform to get your name out there and start making money.

Create your OnlyFans account

For get started on OnlyFansTo become a member, you must first register on the platform by creating your account. The process of creating an account is secure and completely free. If you have a large number of followers and engagements on your other social networks, you can register on OnlyFans via your Google or Twitter account. You can also register directly on the platform or be accompanied by Only Fans Creator.

Once you have created your account, you will need to set it up. This will allow you to change things like your username and email address and complete your profile. Choose your cover photo and profile picture very carefully, as these are the first things followers will see when they browse your OnlyFans page.

If you have chosen to make your account paid, you must set a subscription price and add your payment information. The monthly subscription fee varies from one profile to another. To get a secure and well-configured account, go through Only Fans Creator for your registration on the subscription platform. Only Fans Creator makes it easy for you to open and configure your account and saves you precious time.

Post content regularly on OnlyFans

When you start on the OnlyFans platform, you need to post content regularly (videos, photos, status updates). To be successful on this social network, posting photos or videos 2 or 3 times a week will not be enough. The people who see your OnlyFans profile and want to subscribe to your page have the possibility to check the total number of your messages, as well as other statistics. This information can be found at the top of your profile.

Checking the number of posts available on your OnlyFans account ensures that you are posting content regularly and that they are not losing their money by subscribing to your page. So add photos and videos daily if possible or proceed with the update your profile at least every 2 days.

Plan, organize and maintain your content on OnlyFans

Creating content is usually a very tedious job. To make it easier for you, it's best to plan and schedule your photos and videos. There are several methods you can use to create content when you don't have much time to devote to your OnlyFans page. Make a plan and set aside a time in your calendar to do the creation of your content. You can then schedule their publication over a period of time to keep your profile always lively.

Scheduling your content will allow you to avoid creator's block and thus leave your account inactive for a long time. Organizing your photos and videos will also make your life much easier. You can create a folder in which you will put everything you have already posted on your OnlyFans account and another one for your different contents. This way you will know where to find your promotional contents or those dedicated to the paid subscription and your pay per view messages.

By remaining consistent and organized, you will also succeed in retain your subscribers and even gain new ones on your page. OnlyFans users will always be ready to take out their card if your photos and videos are of high quality, dynamic and attractive. So think about making your content more engaging and engaging to get known on the platform, keep your followers and earn more money.

Promote your OnlyFans page

For make yourself known on OnlyFansIt is important to promote your account. There are many ways to promote a page. You can choose to cross-promote your account on other social media channels (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook...). For example, you can post media on Twitter and accompany it with a good description and a link that redirects to your OnlyFans page. If your account is linked to your Twitter, it will automatically publish your content on it.

However, don't rely too much on this feature. It's best to publish your content manually on Twitter. Content creators can also pin the link to their OnlyFans account on their blog, online store or website (if they have one). Collaborate with content creators who have a large number of followers is also a good way to promote your account. You can tip them or pay them to promote your OnlyFans page to their followers.

Build loyalty among your OnlyFans

Subscribing to a content creator's OnlyFans account is much more meaningful than simply following them on another social media platform. That's why they need to maintain a good relationship with their fans and stay active, engaged and responsive, in order to keep them loyal. As a model, you need to get to know your fans and what they like so you know how to better influence them. You need to align your posts with your target audience to make them return to your OnlyFans page.

Maintain a close relationship with your followers and make them feel special. Make a point of reading and responding to the comments you receive on your profile. Engage in conversations with your followers to show them that they are important to you and that you care about them. Also, try to respond to your fans' private messages (DMs) as much as possible. The closer your followers feel to you, the easier it will be for them to subscribe to your OnlyFans page, pay for exclusive content and offer you tips.

You can also do a survey to ask your fans for their opinion about what you post. Ask them what content they would like to see on your page. This allows you to get new ideas for photos and videos, to communicate with your subscribers and to establish a close relationship with them. Doing lives is also a good way to create a link with your subscribers on OnlyFans, to develop a follow-up and to get tips from them.